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Man arrested after tire-less trip down 400
Photo of a suspect's front right tire after the vehicle was driven a mile down Ga. 400 last week. - photo by Jim Dean

Local authorities have arrested a man from Buford on a drug possession charge after numerous other drivers reported someone driving along without a tire.

Torres, Julian.JPG
Julian Torres

At about 8 a.m. Friday Morning, local authorities began receiving numerous calls about a vehicle that was traveling with a missing front tire,  showering the roadway with sparks and smoke, according to a Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office incident report.  The calls began when the driver was on Brown's Bridge Road near Hall County and continued until deputies caught up with the driver as he was exiting Ga. 400. 

Responding deputies found the vehicle at the exit ramp from Ga. 400 to Bald Ridge Marina Road and found that the front right tire was completely missing from the wheel, which had been broken and ground down almost to the hub.

After a search of the vehicle uncovered a “small clear bag of marijuana” and a 9mm handgun, the driver, Julian Torres, 26, of Buford was placed under arrest.

Deputies stated in the report that when Torres was questioned as to why he was driving with defective equipment, he allegedly reported, “his friend took his car with his tools this morning and he needed to find his car.”

Torres was taken to the Forsyth County Jail charged with possession of marijuana and using defective tires, but he was released on $1,780 bond shortly after.