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Man charged with biting
Both incidents involve girls, 8
nelson gordon kent

A Forsyth County man accused of biting two girls in separate incidents over a seven-month span has turned himself in to authorities.

Gordon Kent Nelson, 44, has been charged by the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office with two counts of battery.

Nelson was arrested Tuesday morning at the Forsyth County Detention Center.

His bond was set Wednesday at $5,500, a jail spokeswoman said.

She said Magistrate Pamela Boles has restricted Nelson from having contact with either of the girls he allegedly bit.

In addition, he is not allowed to have unsupervised contact with anyone under age 16.

Court records show Nelson’s wife filed for divorce in November. The couple has been separated since July.

She has asked for custody of their daughters, ages 8 and 7, as well as child support, according to court records.

The incidents reportedly occurred in August and in March.

“Each of the charges are for different victims,” said Sheriff’s Investigator Brooke Atkinson.

The first girl apparently was bitten on the leg, while Atkinson said the second girl was bitten above her left hip.

Sheriff’s Lt. Col. Gene Moss said the second incident established what appears to be a pattern.

“This is a very unusual incident, both of them,” he said. “The fact that it was unusual presented some legal problems in the initial case.”

Atkinson said she investigated whether Nelson may have a history of biting, but no other victims have come forward.

She said the father of the second girl he allegedly bit has taken out a temporary protective order against Nelson.

In the most recent incident, Atkinson said authorities were called March 29 to a Forsyth County home where an 8-year-old girl complained of having been bitten.

The incident reportedly occurred while the girl’s mother, who Nelson was dating at the time, was not home.

"She left briefly," Atkinson said.

Nelson was first accused in August of biting an 8-year-old girl who had come to his house for a sleepover with his daughter.

In that incident, Paul Holbrook of Forsyth County said his daughter came home with a bruise on her leg.

The sheriff’s office investigated the matter, but did not charge Nelson.

Holbrook and his family filed a civil suit against Nelson and his wife after unsuccessfully seeking a warrant against him for battery and cruelty to children in Magistrate Court.

During the Magistrate Court hearing in October, Nelson admitted biting Holbrook's daughter but said it was "horseplay."

He said he was emulating a scene from the movie "Ghostbusters" and bit his own daughter as well.

Boles dismissed the case because the county in which the alleged incident occurred was not documented.

The case was expected to come up again in November, but the hearing was cancelled at the Holbrook's' request.

Atkinson said the first case was revisited when the second incident surfaced.