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Man charged with possession of explosive
Authorities say it was an act of revenge
Smith WEB
Quinton Gregory Smith - photo by For the Forsyth County News

Revenge appears to be the motive behind the actions of a Johns Creek man in jail after allegedly igniting a homemade bomb at a Forsyth County car dealership.

Quinton Gregory Smith, 34, of Johns Creek was arrested Thursday and charged with possession of an explosive/destructive device and criminal damage to property after damaging a car at RBM Mercedes of Atlanta-North.

Smith was a former employee Progressive Parking, a vendor that works with the dealership, said Forsyth County Sheriff Ted Paxton.

“Once we looked at the surveillance video with the management at the business, we were able to identify a suspect who happened to be a man who had been terminated by the business the day before,” added Sheriff Paxton.

Paxton said Tuesday morning, personnel responded to a call from the dealership on McFarland Parkway in south Forsyth after employees arrived at work and found damage to a vehicle and damage to an area of asphalt nearby.

Following an investigation, the sheriff’s office determined damage was caused by a homemade bomb.

“This device was constructed to detonate on impact,” Paxton said. “However, that did not happen. The device had been contained in a glass jar before it was thrown. It appears that the remains of the content of the jar were manually lit by the perpetrator. The device became hot enough to cause some damage to the car and to melt the asphalt that was near the car, but it did not ignite the car.”

The homemade bomb, composed of some type of flammable compound, burned itself out and never detonated.

The compounds are being tested by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, who also responded to the scene with the Forsyth County Fire Department and the Sheriff’s Office Crime Scene Unit.

Investigators searched Smith’s residence and found enough incriminating evidence to link Smith to the crime.

“We believe his motive was revenge,” stated Sheriff Paxton. “However, this is still an ongoing investigation.”