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Man facing sex charges vanishes before trial
grant 1
A Gainesville man facing several child sex abuse charges is on the run, officials say.

Kenneth Grant, 42, was indicted in 2009 by a Forsyth County grand jury on one count of aggravated child molestation and three counts of aggravated sexual battery.

Grant also was indicted on four counts of child molestation and 15 counts of sexual exploitation of children.

A bench warrant was issued for his arrest after he failed to appear Monday morning in Superior Court.

Forsyth County Chief Assistant District Attorney Sandy Part-ridge said Grant’s case was second on a list of those on a trial calendar last week.

“He was looking at mandatory time and he ditched,” Partridge said. “I am hopeful that we can find him because he needs to be found.”

The mandatory minimum sentence if convicted of aggravated child molestation or aggravated sexual battery is 25 years in prison.

Grant was released from custody in January 2009 after he posted a $75,000 bond.

“He was on house arrest,” she said. “He was not allowed to leave his residence except to report to pretrial services, court and his attorney’s office. That’s all he was allowed to do.”

Partridge said Grant had been wearing an ankle monitor as a condition of his bond.

She said she has been told that he removed the device Sept. 18. Its coordinates show it is at the bottom of Lake Lanier.

Grant’s attorney, Jeff Talley, confirmed that his client was missing.

“I’ve had no contact with him,” said Talley, adding that he didn’t know why his client had disappeared.

“I would be speculating,” he said.