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Man indicted for attack on pregnant Forsyth County woman
Dhani mug

FORSYTH COUNTY — A man has been indicted on several assault and battery charges for reportedly attempting to strangle a pregnant woman last month.

According to a Sept. 14 Forsyth County Grand Jury report, 29-year-old Asfan Nurani Dhani will face seven charges, ranging from battery and aggravated assault to terroristic threats.

Dhani allegedly attempted to strangle a woman, who the report noted was pregnant at the time, with his hands on Aug. 8 and threatened to rape and murder her.

According to the report, an aggravated assault indictment was levied because his hands “when used offensively against a person are likely to and actually did result in strangulation.”

Other charges mentioned Dhani caused redness and bruising to the woman’s face, arms and neck.

The relationship, if any, between Dhani and the woman remains unknown, as did the extent of her injuries or whether her unborn child was harmed. They were not spelled out in the report.

However, Dhani was not indicted on any murder, manslaughter or homicide charges that indicate a death occurred.

Citing agency policy, Forsyth County Sheriff’s officials could not comment on the matter.