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Motorists alerted to Ga. 400 toll scam
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Forsyth County News


Anyone who may have received a suspicious phone call about a Ga. 400 toll fine can call Roswell police at (770) 640-4100. For questions about traffic court, tickets or fines, contact city court services at (770) 641-3790.

Ga. 400 commuters are urged to use caution when traveling through the toll plaza.

The Roswell Police Department is alerting motorists that a man, identifying himself as a Fulton County Sheriff’s deputy has been scamming people over the phone.

According to police, the man has reportedly been telling motorists there’s a warrant for their arrest for speeding through the highway’s toll booth. If they pay a fine via credit card or money order, the warrant will be voided.

In a statement, police described the situation as a “scam.”

“The police department or sheriff’s office would never call you for a payment,” police said. “Do not give out your credit card information, bank account number or purchase a money order.”

The State Road & Tollway Authority, which operates the toll on Ga. 400, also issued a warning.

Christopher Tomlinson, executive director, said in a statement that “all notices regarding Ga. 400 are mailed to motorists by [us].”

“SRTA, nor any other agency, would ever call a Ga. 400 motorist to demand immediate payment under threat of arrest.”