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Neighbor convicted for shooting dog
Sentencing next month
Jonathan Hee
Jonathan Hee - photo by Submitted
A Forsyth County man will be sentenced next month for shooting a dog.

Jonathan Griswold Hee was convicted Wednesday of aggravated cruelty to animals, reckless conduct, disorderly conduct and discharging a gun near a public street.

His attorney, Parker McFarland, said they have 30 days after his client’s sentencing to file an appeal.

“We haven’t discussed that yet,” McFarland said. “That certainly is an option my client will consider.”

The aggravated cruelty charge, which is a felony, carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison and the others carry a maximum three-year sentence.

Forsyth County District Attorney Penny Penn was pleased with the outcome.

“This verdict recognizes that the defendant’s actions were unjustified and irresponsible,” she said.

Sheriff’s deputies arrested Hee in September 2008 for shooting his neighbor’s 50-pound Labrador-beagle mix three times, wounding the dog’s neck, ear and chest. The dog, named Buster, survived.

The incident occurred on Green Summers Drive in the Green Summers subdivision in northwestern Forsyth.

According to a sheriff’s report, the dog ran out from his yard and approached Hee on the street.

Buster’s owner, Laura Hanson, chased the dog and grabbed his harness. In the report, she said Buster barked at Hee because the man was screaming at her.

Hee reportedly pulled a small-caliber handgun out of his pocket and aimed it at Buster.

The report said Hanson backed away and repeatedly said, “No please don’t.”

Hee told deputies he was defending himself from the dog.