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North Forsyth man arrested after getting stabbed by brother
Scott Allan Wallis- stabbing mug
Scott Wallis

NORTH FORSYTH — Brothers fight. It happens. But a verbal dispute May 22 ended when one north Forsyth man was stabbed by his younger brother in an apparent act of self-defense.

It remains unclear how the fight began, but 48-year-old Scott Wallis was not at the home on A.C. Smith Road, near Ga. 400 in extreme north Forsyth, when authorities arrived about 7:30 p.m.

His mother, who was listed as living with him, had apparently taken him to an area hospital.

Though Scott Wallis was the brother who was stabbed, a Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office investigation concluded he was the aggressor and initiator.

Wallis, who was eventually found at a nearby fast found restaurant and arrested, has been charged with family violence battery. He was released from the detention center May 25 after posting a $5,555 bond, according to Robin Regan, spokesman for the sheriff’s office.

Wallis had reportedly knocked his 44-year-old brother, Ricky Wallis, down and continued to hit him. Ricky Wallis told sheriff’s deputies he had exhausted all resources to get his brother off of him, including fighting back, hitting him with a nearby rock and threatening to stab him.

Once he realized his older brother would not stop, Ricky Wallis supposedly used a pocket knife on him. According to a sheriff’s incident report, alcohol use was suspected in at least one of the brothers.

The men’s addresses were listed as across the street from each other. Each of their live-in girlfriends advised deputies their man acted in self-defense, though a neighbor said she saw Ricky Wallis act out of necessity.

Deputies began searching for Scott Wallis after the men’s mother said he had jumped out of the car while en route to a hospital.

He was later found nearly four miles away at an eatery off Ga. 400 in Dawson County. According to the report, deputies found him by pinging his cell phone.

He was taken by Dawson County EMS personnel to Northeast Georgia Medical Center in Gainesville for treatment before going to jail.

The severity of the stab wound in his side could not be determined.