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North Forsyth resident claims harassment via laundry pods

A north Forsyth man recently aired his neighbor’s dirty laundry to Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office deputies after filing a police report accusing the neighbor of throwing laundry detergent pods into his pool and deck area.

On Wednesday, May 24, deputies responded to Casaroga Drive in north Forsyth in reference to a criminal trespass call after the complainant, who does not own the property, said “an unknown person threw some red and blue laundry detergent pods onto the pool deck and into the pool,” according to an incident report.

The complainant told deputies the owner of the residence — Robert E. Windsor, a Forsyth County doctor who is currently in federal prison for healthcare fraud — said the laundry pods have been appearing on and off for several years and that Windsor said “he believed that his neighbor was responsible for the detergent pods.”

According to the complainant, the neighbor has allegedly previously caused issues, including flying a drone over the pool area to take photos and video and standing on his deck watching the complainant while they were in the pool.

The complainant said Windsor planted bamboo beside the wall separating the two properties to create a barrier.

When deputies interviewed him, the neighbor denied throwing the laundry pods into the adjoining property and showed deputies “there were several of the detergent pods in his yard, [too].”

The neighbor also said he was concerned that whoever is throwing the pods into Windsor’s yard will do something to him, too, in the future.

“[The neighbor] stated [Windsor] was a doctor that was charged with a federal crime of fraud and is in prison at this time and that whoever he had taken money from may want to get revenge,” the report said.

The Forsyth County News confirmed through county property tax records the property does belong to Windsor.

At the time of the report, there was no damage to the pool deck or pool, nor was there enough evidence to determine a suspect.