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Snapchat leads Gainesville police to arrest 6 on marijuana charges

GAINESVILLE -- Note to would-be criminals: just because it’s on Snapchat, the social media site known for disappearing posts, doesn’t mean law enforcement won’t find out about it.


Six Gainesville residents face drug and weapons charges after Gainesville police were alerted to a video on the social media app that showed illegal activity.


Officers found a small amount of marijuana, drug objects and a stolen firearm when they arrested the suspects at an apartment complex in the 1100 block of Jesse Jewell Parkway, according to Gainesville Police spokesman Sgt. Kevin Holbrook.


The firearm had been stolen in an earlier entering auto case, according to Holbrook. He added that a misdemeanor amount, or less than an ounce, of marijuana was found in a backpack and baggies.


“The subjects were positively identified as those in the video posting. They were all taken into custody without incident,” Holbrook said in a news release.


The suspects range in age from 16 to 23 and all face charges of possession of marijuana and drug-related objects. One also faces a theft by receiving stolen property charge and the juvenile faces an underage possession and consumption of alcohol charge.


“This case should be a reminder to all that if you see something or notice something suspicious on social media sites, it should be reported immediately,” Holbrook said.