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'Sophisticated’ burglars wearing surgical gloves and masks sought by local authorities
These individuals are wanted by authorities in connection with an attempted burglary that took place in Forsyth County on Thursday.

Local authorities are on the lookout for a pair of burglars that were caught on camera attempting to break into a south Forsyth residence on Thursday.

Cpl. Doug Rainwater, a spokesman for the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office, said that the suspects were caught on a doorbell camera loudly knocking and ringing the doorbell of a residence in the Southgate Village subdivision in south Forsyth, wearing latex gloves and communicating with a lookout car via a wired earpiece.

A BOLO notice put out about the incident states that at about 12:45 p.m. Thursday, a white Volkswagen sedan, that they consider to be a possible getaway vehicle, was seen driving through the neighborhood at a slow speed.

"They ring the doorbell numerous times, nobody answers, then they put on surgical masks, walk around to the back of the house where we found pry marks," Rainwater said.

Rainwater said that the sheriff’s office received a call from the homeowner, who was away, letting them know about the suspicious individuals, but when deputies arrived on scene, the suspects had already fled without making entry into the residence.

"So I'm sure when our deputies started coming in the subdivision to the address, the guy in the car communicated with the two in the back and they fled," Rainwater said. "I'm sure they went one or two streets over and met back up with the Volkswagen.”

The sheriff’s office isn’t sure how many local burglaries these suspects may be connected to, but Rainwater said they may have been responsible for a burglary that took place just a few days prior in Johns Creek.

Besides the surgical gloves and masks, Rainwater said the suspects were dressed like joggers to blend into the neighborhood environment.

"But yet they have one desire: take your stuff," Rainwater said.  

Regardless, Rainwater said that the circumstances of this burglary attempt and the suspect’s attitudes makes the sheriff’s office “very interested” in finding or identifying them as soon as possible.

"This is not your ordinary random burglary,” Rainwater said. “This group is very sophisticated in terms of how they dress, they have lookouts, and that's why we want to catch them.” 

The sheriff’s office asks that anyone who has any information about the pictured individuals or vehicle should contact Detective William O’Haire at (770) 781-2222, Ext. 3321.

Rainwater said that beyond information about this incident, residents should be on the lookout for similar situations in their own neighborhoods and should call 911 about any suspicious situations.

"If you see a couple, or somebody, at a front door and then they walk around to the back of the house, that's a red flag," he said.