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South Forsyth man indicted for homemade explosives
Jeremy Ives 11-17-14

SOUTH FORSYTH -- A 24-year-old south Forsyth man has been indicted on one count of unlawful handling of explosive devices for a November incident at his parents’ home.


On Nov. 16, the family of Jeremy Ives reportedly discovered four water bottles in an outdoor storage area that contained a chemical mixture and fuse.


According to a Forsyth County Sheriff’s report, the bottles were found next to pepper spray, .223 ammunition, several bags of fuses and a 10-pound bag of a chemical ingredient used in the bottles.


Detectives stated at the time they did not believe Ives had an immediate plan to use the homemade devices, though the items did threaten the safety of family members with whom he was living.


Ives was released after posting an initial bond of $11,110.


According to the indictment from the Forsyth County Grand Jury, Ives was charged for possessing and manufacturing “an incendiary device.”