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Suspect swipes 40 pairs of boyfriend pants from Victorias Secret in south Forsyth
Business has returned to normal at Victoria's Secret in the Collection at Forsyth following a smash-and-grab burglary during the early morning hours of Christmas day. - photo by Jim Dean (previous profile)

SOUTH FORSYTH — One alleged burglar must not have wanted to wait for her Christmas presents, instead smashing into the Victoria’s Secret store at The Collection at Forsyth and helping herself to armfuls of items.

According to a Forsyth County Sheriff’s report, the suspect — described only as “what appeared to be” a black woman — broke the glass front door with a “large rock” to gain access to the business, which was closed, at 2:15 a.m. Dec. 25.

The items she took from the store, which sells a range of women’s clothing from undergarments and bathing suits to clothing and lingerie, were reported as either $44.95 “boyfriend pants” or $26.95 “boyfriend tees.”

The incident triggered alarms and the woman fled the popular south Forsyth outdoor shopping mall.

Video surveillance showed an unknown vehicle back up to the front door before the suspect got out and smashed her way inside.

“The female was carrying a large black trash bag and went through the right side of the store, placing items into the bag,” the report stated.

The suspect was seen in the video wearing a white long-sleeve sweatshirt with dark pants. It appeared she had a cloth or scarf wrapped around her face to obscure her identity.

According to Epifanio Rodriguez, a spokesman for the sheriff’s office, and previous incident reports, the store has had “several shopliftings” in the past, though it was unclear whether any were by force.