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Death of bee hives still an issue
Preserve display removed again due to loss
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Palmer Haffner removes the lid on a hive near Sawnee Mountain Preserve. A display at the preserve had to be removed when all the bees died. - photo by Autumn McBride
What was once buzzing with life is now just an empty space on a wall at the Sawnee Mountain Preserve.An observation honey bee hive did sit on the spot, but now all that remains is a small metal pipe where bees used to travel in and out of the hive. “When it was here, it was always covered up with kids looking at it,” said Heather Dowdy, an employee of the preserve on Spot Road. Beekeeper Bill Dunn, who’s also active with the Forsyth County Beekeepers Club, said this isn’t the first time the observation hive has had to come down.