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Department head announces 'plan of improvement'

After eight years on the job, Forsyth County’s fire chief is preparing to make a few changes.

Fire Capt. Jason Shivers confirmed Friday that Chief Danny Bowman has announced what he calls a "plan of improvement", which will unfold over the next 18 months.

"It will involve, in some forms and capacities, some reorganization of staff both from an administrative position and suppression positions," Shivers said.

"It’s just something that fire departments need to do on occasion to maintain efficiency and responsibility of the tax dollars."

Shivers said the plan is in its preliminary stages. Before taking any action, Bowman will seek approval from the county manager and board of commissioners.

Friday marked Bowman’s eighth year as chief. The reorganization will be the first of his tenure.

Shivers said no specific event triggered the chief’s plans.

"It’s just from observations he’s made over the last several years to try to improve efficiency and operational needs of the department," he said.