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Despite cancellation, concert raises $25K for local high schools

In May, a local quarry was set to host a concert benefitting a pair of local high schools and featuring the music of former Styx vocalist and keyboardist Dennis DeYoung. Bad weather though had other plans, resulting in its cancellation. 

But the weather couldn’t stop the donations to Lambert and South Forsyth high schools.

Dawn Wood, with Martin Marietta, who planned to host Concert in the Quarry at the company’s Forsyth Quarry, said the company had cancellation insurance for the event and was able to refund tickets sales but then something happened when the company reached out to ticketholders.

“There were many people that said, ‘don’t worry about it. We want the schools to have it,’” Wood said. “So, they donated either their full ticket price or partial ticket price. So, that was really nice that they did that.”

Wood said it raised $25,000, split between the schools. Funds went to programs like culinary arts and clubs.

More than 700 were in attendance when the weather started getting bad, which happened after festivities had already started. 

“Actually, South Forsyth’s band played the first number,” Wood said. “So, it was the very first song that they played then it started getting bad. We had two or three lightning strikes that were not right … in the area, but they were close enough that it was a concern because you’re out in the open in a quarry.”

The wind also started rocking large video screens meant for the show.

“It wasn’t just rain,” Wood said. “It was severe weather.”

Due to the limited parking at the 350-foot-deep quarry, the plan was for attendees to park offsite and be bussed in. When the weather hit, many hadn’t made it off the busses.

“It was a big disappointment that we didn’t actually get to do the concert, but we got a lot of good feedback from people that were appreciative,” Wood said. 

The concert was to be the first in about seven years and Martin Marietta is planning another concert on Saturday, April 28.

“We just really appreciated the community involvement and everyone coming out to support the two schools,” Wood said. “We were very excited to be able to offer this opportunity to the schools and the community and hope it will be an annual thing that people look forward to attending.”