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Do over for Georgia license plate contest
Confusion about phrase prompts state to act
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Forsyth County News

Georgia residents have a second chance to determine the design for the new state license plate.

Gov. Nathan Deal was set to announce the winner Friday, following a design competition.

But after some confusion over a sticker, Deal and the state Department of Revenue decided to start the process over.

"There was just some confusion about the ‘In God We Trust’ sticker, so we wanted to clear up any misconceptions about it and give people a chance to vote for the eight [finalists] again," said Jen Talaber, spokeswoman.

The contest began with more than 500 entries, which were then narrowed to eight designs.

Of those, three featured the phrase "In God We Trust" in the slot that would normally include the vehicle owner’s home county.

There was confusion that those three plate designs would have the slogan while others wouldn’t.

In fact, none of the eight designs would have included "In God We Trust."

But it appears not many voters knew that, causing some to vote more for the slogan than the design.

When the eight finalists are re-released for the competition Monday, they will all have a blank placeholder in the county slot.

When the new plates are printed, they will include the county in that slot, however "a couple of legislative sessions ago, they passed a law that said you can purchase an ‘In God We Trust’ sticker for $1," said Talaber.

Those stickers are currently on sale and can legally be placed over the county name on a license plate.

The revote will run from 3 p.m. Monday to 3 p.m. Aug. 3.

As before, Deal will select the winning license plate from the public’s top three designs.

Production of the winning plate will begin in 2012.