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DOT: No money to fix traffic signals
Pilgrim Mill, Hwy. 20-Market Place affected
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Forsyth County News

Budget constraints are preventing the state transportation department from fixing two Forsyth County traffic signals that are not functioning properly.

The signals at the Pilgrim Mill exit off Ga. 400 south and the signals at Hwy. 20 and Market Place Boulevard still work, but the sensors in the ground are not sending signals to the lights.

As a result, the signals run on set time patterns, instead of responding to the flow of traffic, which is backing up farther.

Teri Pope, spokeswoman for the transportation department, said the cost to repair the sensors starts about $2,000.

 With limited funds, the department is working only on safety and critical maintenance issues, not those involving convenience and efficiency, she said.

“There’s just no money to do it,” Pope said. “We wanted to explain to people why they’re having that frustration and that we are really sorry.”