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Drive-thru, oil change businesses proposed for Norman's Landing location.
Norman's Landing rezoning
A zoning application has been filed for the Norman's Landing property on Peachtree Parkway. The proposal would include a drive-thru and an oil change business. - photo by Jim Dean

For months, locals have asked Bill Norman, owner of the recently-closed Forsyth County staple, Norman’s Landing, what he is planning to do with the property.

 Now, they have a preliminary answer: a drive-thru restaurant and oil change facility may come to the location, per a rezoning application filed in early September.

 According to the county’s zoning website, Buckhead Crossing I, LLC is requesting to rezone the two acres of land from neighborhood shopping district (NS) to commercial business district (CBD) for proposed commercial buildings totaling 10,845 square feet with 82 parking spaces.

 The buildings would include a drive-thru restaurant – it is not yet known what eatery would occupy the space – and an oil change facility, according to Ethan Underwood, the developer’s attorney.

 “Buckhead Crossing developed all of the east side of [Highway] 141, where the Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts and those places are,” he said. “They do very high quality projects and this would be a continuation of the same high quality development and have the same feel.”

 Underwood added the development would conform to the Peachtree Parkway overlay and that they are not asking for any variances to those standards.

 “The market’s there or we wouldn’t have this interest,” he said.

 Norman, who closed his former restaurant on June 18 after 22 years of operation, said he is in the process of selling and he won’t play much of a part in the proposed development.

 “The biggest thing is that I’m really not playing a role in this,” he said. “We’ve closed on 40 percent of the deal and in January, we’ll be closing on the last 60 percent, but other than that, I’m not involved. I think one of the wildest things is, people come up to me and say, ‘you’re Bill Norman, we hate you for closing.’ I [laugh] and I definitely do miss my great customers, I miss my great employees and I miss the great food, but I don’t miss everything else that went along with that after 50 years in the [restaurant] business.”

 Norman said he may have something else in the works, though he hasn’t hinted at what it would be.

 “I’ll maybe do something else,” he said, “but that wouldn’t be until 2018, so we’ll [see].”

 The rezoning application is scheduled to be discusses at the Forsyth County Planning Commission’s November work session, which falls the same day as the board’s public hearing, On Nov. 14., residents can offer input at the public hearing, beginning at 6:30 p.m. in the Board of Commissioner’s meeting room, Suite 220 of the Forsyth County Administration Building.

 Depending on the planning outcome, the BOC may vote on the rezoning at its December meeting.