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Drones swarm Pinecrest Academy for new summer camp
Kids that attended the Drobots Math, Computer and Science Camp at Pinecrest Academy are shown how to pilot different drones, safety techniques when using them, and eventually work their way through complex courses for different drone scenarios. - photo by Bradley Wiseman

Drones have descended upon Pinecrest Academy.

Over the past weeks, local kids have had the opportunity to pilot buzzing, spinning, vibrating, rolling drones of all shapes and sizes through elaborate obstacle courses at the Drobots Math, Computer and Science Camp.

According to Art Kibert Basler, Drobots Regional Leader, this is their first year holding the camp at Pinecrest, but based on the energy and enthusiasm of the campers, it won’t be long until they are back again.

"It's been a great experience here," Kibert Basler said this past Thursday. "It's been a great space here to fly at; we love to fly out of gym spaces, so this has been awesome. Some schools, we are in tiny classrooms, and it feels kind of cramped. So it's been a great location.”

He said that the Drobots camp is specifically designed to give a school everything it needs for a week-long program covering the intricacies of drones — so students can come with their curiosity, learn and have fun.

"We come into schools with all of the drones, all the obstacles and a curriculum for a whole week that focuses on physics, problem-solving, team-building and obviously flying lots of different kinds of drones,” he said.

Pinecrest Academy hosted a first-ever drone camp for kids to pilot drones through obstacles with the Drobots Mat, Computer and Science Camp. - photo by Bradley Wiseman

Kids that attend the camp are shown how to pilot the different drones, safety techniques when using them, and eventually work their way through complex courses for different drone scenarios. 

"Some of the courses require them to stop and program, and as the week goes on the courses get more complex and take longer to complete," he said.  

Kibert Basler added that there are different programs for different age groups during the camp; less competitive, introductory programs for younger students and more intermediate programs for older kids.

One Pinecrest student that attended the camp, Luke Bullard, said that during the week he felt challenged by the activities, but in the end he came away with experience and new friends.

"It was challenging, but it was really, really fun,” Bullard said. “I felt I've improved a lot."

He added that he made new friends with other campers and the instructors and actually learned how to use a new type of drone that he hadn't used before. 

"I really liked the instructors and got to talk with them a lot. It was a great experience,” he said.

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