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2 local students in Berry production
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To view the video, visit and type “Mr. Mathman” into the search engine.

Two students from Forsyth County were involved in a Berry College video production, which demonstrated the frustrations of a first-time calculus exam.

Recent Berry graduate Lyndsay Ricketson played the role of a student trying to solve a math problem in class.

Current Berry sophomore Danny Tibbetts plays one of the students taking a test in the video when Ricketson stands up and sings a song.

The song, “Mr. Mathman,” was penned by Berry College mathematics associate professor Eric McDowell to the tune of “Please, Mr. Postman,” originally recorded by the Marvelettes.

Ricketson said she enjoyed playing the part in the video, which can be viewed online.

“It was a really fun opportunity,” said Ricketson, who was home-schooled in Forsyth County before beginning her studies at Berry.

“The ability to work together with both the academic and artistic worlds ... it was cool.”

The video was a collaboration between Berry College’s mathematics and communications departments.

Ricketson, a musical theater major who plans to pursue a career in the performing arts, said being a part of the production was “a new experience.”

“Something I’ve learned here at Berry is that theater in and of itself should say something when you do it,” she said. “The fact that I got to do a movie that said something was really cool.”

Tibbetts, a graduate of Horizon Christian Academy, said he also enjoyed being a part of the production.

“The coolest thing about being part of this was hanging out afterward in the classroom, eating pizza and sharing youtube videos on the projection screen,” he said.

Tibbetts is taking part in a dual-degree engineering program with Georgia Tech that is offered at Berry.

McDowell said he was inspired to write the song “as a means to influence the education of students beyond the Berry campus.”

“While the video can be viewed and enjoyed purely for its entertainment value, it can also be used as an introduction to the first three weeks of a standard calculus course,” he said.

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