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26 tapped for Governors Honors Program
Students from all five public high schools
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Forsyth County News

At a glance

The following high school students from the Forsyth County school system have been selected for the 2013 Georgia Governor’s Honors Program:



* Dana Anderson, theater design

* Ryan Carr, mathematics

* Pierre Guillermo, biology

* Catherine Johnson, biology



* Hye Ri Bae, music (piano)

* Wynne Huo, dance

* David Kim, mathematics

* Alexander Kimball, visual arts

* Yejin Shin, music (strings, violin)

* Rebecca Yan, communicative arts



* Paris Magellenes, technology

* Aaron Strickland, mathematics



* Kaleigh Banks, music (voice, alto)

* Veronica Block, communicative arts

* Shannon Grand, Spanish

* Tae Kim, mathematics

* Joshua Law, social studies

* Kyong Min Lee, mathematics

* Juliana Lima, Spanish

* Vasishta Monaverty, EBM

* Keenan Nicholson, technology

* Anu Romesh, music (voice, soprano)

* Ashita Sehgal, EBM



* Connor Colson, technology

* Joe Donohue, music (percussion)

* Shannon Gerhard, mathematics


Source: Forsyth County Schools

This summer, 26 Forsyth County high school students will join more than 600 from across the state for the 50thannual Georgia Governor’s Honors Program.

School Superintendent Buster Evans congratulated the students on their selections.

“We know that they will enjoy this summer residential instructional program, where they will experience challenging and enriching learning opportunities with other sophomores and juniors from across Georgia,” he said.

The students, all high school juniors and seniors, will spend a month at Valdosta State University exploring educational information not part of regular high school curriculum.

The days will be spent in their areas of study, with curriculum challenging them to continue to grow after the school year has ended.

Evening activities include seminars, activities, concerts and performances.

The program, funded by the state, is free for those chosen to participate.

Nearly 3,000 students auditioned and were interviewed earlier this year.

Dale Lyles, director of the honors program described it as “such a competitive program that even being nominated is an accomplishment.”

“I congratulate the students of Forsyth County and look forward to meeting them and their parents in June,” he said.