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A look inside new schools in southwest Forsyth
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School officials visit a classroom at DeSana Middle. - photo by Micah Green

SOUTHWEST FORSYTH -- Students will not enter the halls and classrooms of Brandywine Elementary and DeSana Middle schools until this August, but school system staff and board members and the Forsyth County News got a first look at the county’s two newest schools Wednesday.

Both schools are being built between McFarland Parkway, Union Hill Road and Atlanta Highway (Hwy. 9), with construction on track to open by the beginning of the school year.

“Both schools are beautiful,” Forsyth County Schools Superintendent Jeff Bearden said. “They look a little different, which is exciting. DeSana has more vibrant colors. Brandywine has more of a subtle look to it.

“But both will serve our students well.”

Brandywine, which is being built by Charles Black Construction as the district’s 21st elementary school, has muted burgundy, black and grey tones interspersed with blue and green tiles.

Classrooms for younger students have two bathrooms, a sink and cubbies in each room, and special multipurpose rooms are lined with rubber flooring to support equipment.

The Brandywine Badgers will go to school at 175 Martin Drive and will be led by Principal Todd Smith, who is transferring from Midway Elementary.

While the neon green and blue walls, columns and floors may be the first thing the eye is drawn to at DeSana, possibly the most exciting feature to Bearden and the Board of Education members was the new desks.

Shaped with slanted sides instead of a rectangle, they can be fitted together to create a circle of desks.

“The actual desks are much different than the schools’ we have now,” Bearden said. “They’ll have a lot of versatility. Students will be able to work in collaborative work spaces. They are adjustable in terms of height.”

Bearden said the new desks will be piloted at DeSana and Brandywine, with the goal being to bring them into existing schools if proven successful.

The cafeteria has walls full of open lighting, charging stations and multi-colored tiled columns.

Wide hallways feature regular classrooms, science and computer labs and arts wings.

The two-story building for the DeSana Dragons, located at 625 James Road, is being built by Evergreen Construction.

Terri North will be the first principal, who is moving from Piney Grove Middle School.