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Assistant principal positions open in Forsyth County schools

Assistant principals are needed in Forsyth County Schools, and the system is looking for “awesome” candidates to fill openings for the 2017-2018 school year.

Though the job posting has been accessible since the first week of December, Cindy Salloum, associate superintendent of human resources and legal services for FCS, said her team recently posted an announcement on the district’s website about the positions to remind interested parties that they are still accepting applications.

As of Wednesday, FCS had five assistant principal openings, though the number changes daily, Salloum said.

“What happens is people either move or get a different position within the system,” she said. “It’s kind of like dominoes here. One of the reasons the [post] is recent is we wanted people to remember they can still apply.”

Salloum said outside applicants – those who are not currently employed by FCS – are just as likely to be hired as individuals who already work for the school system.

“What we do is we give every principal who has an assistant principal opening an entire list of applicants, both from inside and outside the system,” she said. “They then take various steps; some principals do the interviews themselves, some narrow it down and include their administrative team and some have their administrative team do the interviews and then they decide.

“It’s various methods, but it all comes back to the school and their needs and what fit they believe an assistant principal has for them.”

Candidates should possess certain key qualities, Salloum said, no matter what school may be interested in them.

“They should be a good, contributing member of an administrative team, and they need to add value to the school and the system,” she said. “Whatever they can bring us to show they would add value to both will be more favorably looked upon.

“We want them to add something to us so that we can continue to provide for [our students] and grow, and what can they add to ensure our students graduate with the learner profile characteristics?”

Salloum also said candidates should consider that when principal positions open, applicants for those jobs are often drawn from the assistant principal rank.

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