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BOE to debut '17-18 Forsyth County Schools calendar in October

FORSYTH COUNTY -- The calendar for next school year is not ready quite yet, but the public draft is set to be released in mid-October.

Jennifer Caracciolo, spokeswoman for Forsyth County Schools, presented a timeline of who would see the school calendar and when at a Board of Education work session Sept. 8.

“This is similar to what we’ve done in previous years,” she said. “We give a draft to the [local school councils], we collect the feedback from them, we present it to the cabinet, the principals, get some more feedback then bring the draft to the board.”

The calendar is set to be posted online Oct. 14 — the day after it goes to the Board of Education for initial approval.

Once the draft is online, anyone can give feedback or make suggestions.

“We do read every single comment that gets submitted to us,” Caracciolo said.

The draft will be up for two weeks before Caracciolo and her team takes it down to make changes that are then presented to the board, which will adopt their final version.

In addition to the calendar, Caracciolo and her team is working on a new page for the website for frequently asked questions.

The idea for a FAQ page was prompted by District 2 board member Kristin Morrissey, who expressed concern that residents may not be aware the district operates on a 180-day system.

She said she and others have received complaints asking why other counties start the school year later, but appear to end the year at the same time.

“Everybody’s doing 180 days right now; [another county] might just do it differently,” she said. “I don’t think a lot of people know that we work on 180 days. We got to get them in, one way or the other.”

The Georgia Department of Education requires all public schools in the state to hold classes for 180 days, but each county’s school board has the power to determine when to begin and end the school year, when to hold vacation and what, if any, holidays to take off, aside from the mandated federal holidays.

One notable point on the calendar is the possibility of a fall break, which this year is Sept. 26-30.

The district implemented a week off from school in September two years ago, as well as continued the pattern of no inclement weather days due to the availability of their virtual classroom portal, itslearning.