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Calendar unveiled for next school year
No additional weather days planned
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Parents have one more week to comment on the proposed calendar for the 2011-12 school year.

The plan looks strikingly similar to this year’s, though Forsyth County Schools officials have said it can be changed based on feedback.

“Over the years, we have used this input to make revisions, such as ending the first semester prior to winter break, which determines which week in August we begin school,” said Jennifer Caracciolo, system spokeswoman.

“Last year, we received overwhelming feedback that our staff and parents wanted a full week break at Thanksgiving.”

According to the proposed calendar, the school year would run Aug. 8 to May 23. There would be a full week off for Thanksgiving, Nov. 21-25, and spring break, April 2-6, 2012.

Much like the current calendar, the 2011-12 plan includes just two inclement weather days.

Though the district has lost six days due to weather this school year, another winter storm of such magnitude is unlikely.

Associate Superintendent Joey Pirkle said the system could add another weather day if parents want.

“We may go a couple of winters with no weather and then I’m sure people who have forgotten about this winter will say why don’t we have fewer inclement weather days,’” he said.

Developing a new school calendar can be difficult, Pirkle said. Many parents make requests based on personal needs, making it “virtually impossible to please everyone.”

About 650 comments have been made so far. Last year, there were nearly 1,500.