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County students receive $13M in scholarships
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Photos of the class of 2009 from all county schools, both public and private, can be found in the Forsyth County Graduation Keepsake Edition, a special publication of the Forsyth County News. Copies can be purchased at the Forsyth County News office, 302 Veterans Memorial Blvd. in Cumming.
In today's tough economy, finding the funds to pay for a college education may seem daunting.

However, students graduating this year from Forsyth County's four traditional public high schools earned more than $13 million in scholarship funds from organizations and universities throughout the country.

"Congratulations are due to our recent graduates who earned a staggering $13 million in scholarships," said Buster Evans, superintendent of the county school system. "This is outstanding and will make a great impact on their continued studies.

"It is a true reflection of the hard work, not only the students put into their learning, but also the support of their parents, teachers and counselors."

Students at Forsyth Central High School earned nearly $695,000 in scholarships.

North Forsyth graduates accepted a total of more than $1.3 million in scholarship funds.

Scholarship funding to West Forsyth's graduating class, the school's first, was about $3 million.

And the largest class of 2009, South Forsyth High School, saw scholarship funds totaling about $8.4 million.

(Note: Each list of scholarships and honors was provided by each respective school.)
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