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CRCT testing under way
Students told to rest, eat well
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Forsyth County News

The annual testing period has gotten under way in Forsyth County’s elementary and middle schools.

Third- through eighth-graders are taking the reading portion of the Criterion-Referenced Competency Test today.

The CRCT — which covers language arts, math, science and social studies — will last through next week, with a make-up day April 19.

Jennifer Caracciolo, school system spokeswoman, said students should approach the tests calm, rested and well fed.

“Students are encouraged to go to bed early, get plenty of rest and eat a well-balanced breakfast,” she said. “Taking tests is hard work and requires a lot of energy.

Caracciolo went on to note that students who are “prepared, calm and rested perform better on tests.”

“Attendance is very important, so students are encouraged to be present every day of testing,” she said. “Parents that are dropping off their children for school should be certain to be on time.”

The annual CRCT is a crucial measure of how schools and students across the state are performing.

Cindy Salloum, the system’s chief accountability officer and director of legal services, said the testing “measures student acquisition and understanding of the knowledge, concepts and skills set forth in the state standards.”

“We use these scores to ensure students are learning at their grade level and to provide data to teachers, schools and district office to support instructional decisions,” Salloum said.

In addition to ensuring their children eat a healthy breakfast each morning, parents should also work with their kids to employ good test-taking skills, Caracciolo said. Those skills include “following directions carefully and reviewing their work.”

“Remember to ask your child about the testing at the end of each day,” she said.