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Decision is in on BOE probe
Local official helped make determination
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Forsyth County News

An indictment against Kelly Marlow does not affect her ability to continue serving on the Cherokee County Board of Education.

That was the decision reached by Ann Crow, a member of Forsyth County’s school board, and her Cobb County counterpart, Tim Stultz.

The two elected officials, along with Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens were tapped by Gov. Nathan Deal to serve as the panel in charge of determining Marlow’s fate.

“There was a very narrow basis for the decision and basically it was is that person capable of carrying out their duties as a school board member, and if that violated the trust of the community,” Crow said.

“It has nothing to do with what the indictment was about, it just had to do with her ability to act as a school board member ... we had to separate the two.”

Marlow was indicted by her county’s grand jury on making false statements after she accused system Superintendent Frank Petruzielo of attempting to run her down in his vehicle. She also asked SACS to investigate the superintendent.

But none of that prevented her from continuing to serve, the panel decided.

“There wasn’t really any other decision that could be made,” Crow said. “It makes me appreciate the training you have to go through to be a board member ... and all these ethical laws that we have to abide by. There’s a reason for all of that.

“And I do appreciate what we have in Forsyth County, that we have a board that does function well, that we appreciate each other and that we know we operate as a whole and that what we do represents our school system.”