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Drum line event Saturday at Lambert
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The Lambert Winter Classic Day of Percussion begins at 6 p.m. Feb. 23. It will be held in the school’s gymnasium. Tickets are $8. For more information, visit

Lambert High School has done such a bang-up job with its drum line, the group was selected as host of the Winter Classic Day of Percussion.

On Feb. 23, about 16 drum lines from Georgia and Tennessee will convene at Lambert for a day of workshops, judging clinics and competition.

“It’s both an educational event and a competition,” said Scott McCloy, Lambert’s director of bands. “It’s going to be exciting.

“Lambert is a fantastic school and it will be great to show it off to the percussion community in the Southeast in this highly competitive event.”

During the day, the drum lines will perform for one judge who will spend about 30 minutes with each “talking to them about ways they can improve their show,” McCloy said.

After the clinics, the groups will head to a classroom to talk about drumming techniques, all with the goal of giving last-minute help before the evening’s performances, which begin at 6 p.m.

Led by Tonya Mashburn, the Lambert drum line has 37 members who will be part of the event.

While it’s a competition, Mashburn said the Day of Percussion is all about preparing for an international competition in April in Ohio.

“All of these smaller competitions help all of these groups get feedback to develop their own personal shows and get things moving in the right direction,” Mashburn said.

But for those who attend the event, it’s all about entertainment.

“This is a performance art. It is percussion theater,” Mashburn said. “They play music, they have costumes and there are lots of props. Different shows are about different things.

“Ours is called ‘Super Fly’ and … all the kids are dressed like flies and they have crazy bulgy eyes. Nobody’s ever seen something like this before. It’s really just very intriguing and interesting. It’s very Broadway and Vegas kind of built into one. And it’s loud.”