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Few problems as Forsyth goes back to school
Madeline Hansen, a kindergartener at Big Creek Elementary, gets her lunch out of her backpack on Thursday, the first day of the new school year. - photo by Micah Green

FORSYTH COUNTY — The Forsyth County school system welcomed about 42,000 students Thursday as the 2014-15 school year got under way.

The morning went smoothly and was a “typical first day of school,” said Jennifer Caracciolo, a spokeswoman for the school district.

Part of an average first day of school is traffic, Caracciolo said, and Thursday was no exception.

“We have buses and parents trying to enter the campus,” Caracciolo said. “That will ease off next week. Areas like Vickery Creek, where we have two campuses on one road, that’s always going to be a traffic problem. But this morning, it was just increased because it was the first day of school.”

Another factor, she said, was parents who accompanied their child into the building on the first day.

“Especially at the elementary school level, parents want to walk their student into school,” she said.

Caracciolo said bus drivers experienced some delays, though they navigated traffic with no incidents.

“We had some areas in transportation where we had some new bus drivers, so they’re working through some areas as far as timing,” she said.

The school system enrolled 5,197 new students over the summer, a record for summer enrollment, according to Caracciolo.

However, because some students didn’t attend school Thursday, exact enrollment numbers for the system are difficult to estimate.

“There’s no-shows for multiple reasons,” Caracciolo said. “One reason could be that they withdrew their children, they moved and they just haven’t notified us. Another is that they’re taking vacation this week and won’t show up until Monday.”

Enrollment for the system is estimated to peak four months into the school year at 42,506.