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Film fundraiser raises awareness
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A South Forsyth High School student is holding an event tonight to raise awareness of suffering in Africa.

Dominque Holdo, a senior, founded the Small Sacrifices Society non-profit organization earlier this year.

The group will welcome a Ugandan speaker and screen the film “Tony” from 7 to 9 tonight at The Warehouse, 5095 Post Road.

The event will benefit Invisible Children, a nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness about children abducted and forced to fight in a Central Africa rebel group. The film follows the life of one such boy.

Holdo said the Small Sacrifices Society asks people to make “small sacrifices” of time, resources, talent and finances to help others in need.

She had the idea for the group came after a religious conference last year.

“We watched a video about children in Third World countries and I realized how hard their lives are,” Holdo said. “I was complaining about not having the latest [cell phone], when they have nothing.”

She said tonight’s event asks patrons to make the “small sacrifice” of the price of a movie ticket and snacks, or about $20. But the donation isn’t required.

Funds will be used by Invisible Children to help students in northern Uganda rebuild schools.

“There’s no monetary goal,” Holdo said. “I really just have the goal of helping people have a different perspective.”