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Forsyth BOE to buy 2,500 Chromebook charging stations

Many can attest that one of the most frustrating problems associated with a wireless device is keeping it charged.

At a work session Tuesday, the Forsyth County Board of Education voted to help solve that problem by installing nearly 2,500 Chromebook charging stations in classrooms throughout the district’s public schools.

The LocknCharge stations, which hold at least 10 Chromebooks per enclosure, will be used as a charging and storage solution for the Chromebook initiative Forsyth County Schools hopes to soon roll out.

The initiative involves the purchase of about 26,000 Chromebooks to ensure every classroom has a minimum of 10 devices, according to Superintendent Jeff Bearden.

“It will be a game-changer for our teachers,” he said. “Testing is part of it, but as I visit schools, the No. 1 issue when I talk to teachers is there’s such a need for Chromebooks. In some schools, you have PTOs and stuff that can purchase additional [devices], but teachers desperately need seven, eight, 10 in each classroom.

“The vendor is going to make sure they’re pretty much ready to go once they’re delivered — our staff isn’t going to have to do anything.”

Bearden said FCS will also install more internet devices to increase connectivity in schools.

The money for the Chromebooks and charging stations comes from a grant FCS was first awarded about a year ago.

The grant could be awarded up to three times, with Forsyth receiving money from the first two rounds.

It brought the school system’s funds to more than $1 million.

Bearden said he is pleased FCS can now buy the technology.

“It really levels the playing field,” Bearden said, “and allows teachers who do a lot of work in [media] centers to free up some space.”