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Forsyth continues success on CRCT
Individual school results due July 8
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Forsyth County’s top school official said he’s pleased CRCT results show the district continued to lead the state this year.

The Criterion-Referenced Competency Test is Georgia’s standardized assessment for students in first through eighth grades, testing their reading, language arts and math knowledge. Third- through eighth-graders are also tested in science and social studies.

School system results were released Wednesday by the state department of education. Individual school results are expected to be released July 8.

“First of all I’m extremely pleased because it really shows our teachers have worked very, very hard to continue to do their job,” Forsyth
Superintendent Buster Evans said. “They have been supported by their principals and we just have the best kids in the world. You put that combination together, it shows that people are working to continue to make every effort to make our student achievements more and more successful.”

Forsyth County students in every grade except first came in ahead of those included in the top 25 large districts throughout the state.

Local first-graders came in third overall after Columbia and Fayette counties, respectively.

In reading, nearly 97 percent of local first-graders met or exceeded standards while about 93.5 percent met or exceeded language arts standards.

In math, Forsyth County first-graders came in ahead of Columbia County by 0.5 percent with 92.8 percent of local students who met or exceeded standards.

About 98 percent of local third-graders met or exceeded reading standards and nearly 94 percent met or exceeded math standards.

Of those in the eighth grade, 99.4 percent met or exceeded reading standards, 94.5 percent met or exceeded math standards and nearly 92 percent met or exceeded social studies standards.

Evans said an analysis of results over the past three years shows continued growth in scores, indicating that what local educators are doing to prepare students for the tests is helping.

He said the percentage of students moving from the "meets expectations" to "exceeds expectations" categories tells him the district’s brightest and best learners are being challenged.

“You look deep into the data, you can see there are some areas we can work on and we will continue to do that,” he said. “But overall the progress and improvement is very, very strong and it just reflects really good work ... my hats off to the teachers and the work that they do. I really just give them all the credit in the world, that’s who deserves it.”