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Forsyth County high schools among top 15 percent in US, report says
Lambert High School. - photo by Micah Green

Each of Forsyth County Schools’ high schools with senior classes rank in the top 15 percent in the country, according to U.S. News & World Report.

The Washington, D.C.-based company released its 2019 Best High Schools on Tuesday, a “comprehensive evaluation” of more than 17,000 schools across the country.

The company, along with RTI International, a global research firm, ranked schools for the 2016-17 school year based on their students’ college readiness, math and reading performance and proficiency, graduation rates, the performance of underserved students and the number of students who participated in and passed a variety of college-level exams, according to a press release.

Lambert High School led the way, ranking in the top 1 percent of schools in the country and sixth among Georgia schools thanks to a high graduation rate (99 percent) as well as proficiency in reading (89 percent) and mathematics (87 percent) and the number of students who passed at least one AP exam (87 percent.)

South Forsyth ranked 13th in Georgia, followed by West Forsyth (28th), Forsyth Central (52nd) and North Forsyth (63rd).

Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science and Technology was the No. 1 ranked school in Georgia, according to the report, with a graduation rate of 100 percent and a college readiness score of 100.

National ranking

Lambert               229

South Forsyth    383

West Forsyth     849

Forsyth Central 2,105

North Forsyth    2,417

out of 17,245

State ranking

Lambert               6

South Forsyth    13

West Forsyth     28

Forsyth Central 52

North Forsyth    63

out of 416

Took at least one AP exam

Lambert               71%

South Forsyth    71%

West Forsyth     65%

North Forsyth    51%

Forsyth Central 47%

Passed at least one AP exam

Lambert               87%

South Forsyth    79%

West Forsyth     77%

Forsyth Central 73%

North Forsyth    63%

Mathematics proficiency

Lambert               87%

South Forsyth    75%

West Forsyth     66%

North Forsyth    55%

Forsyth Central 54%

Reading proficiency

Lambert               89%

South Forsyth    83%

West Forsyth     79%

North Forsyth    68%

Forsyth Central 66%

Graduation rate

Lambert               99%

South Forsyth    97%

West Forsyth     93%

Forsyth Central 91%

North Forsyth    91%