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Forsyth County Schools continues with stellar SAT, ACT scores
Graduation rates all above 90 percent

Forsyth County is known for its top-notch school system, made evident by the quality of Forsyth County Schools’ students, teachers and administrators, and once again, the numbers back that up.

According to SAT and ACT score data the state recently released, FCS obtained the highest district ACT score in Georgia for the third consecutive year, with the district also having the highest SAT score in metro Atlanta.

FCS also had the top SAT score in Georgia for districts that tested more than 415 students and all Forsyth County high school results were higher than the state and national averages, 1050 and 1060, respectively.

Forsyth County high school graduation rate

School                      2016   2017

West Forsyth          92.8   92.6

South Forsyth        95.2   97

North Forsyth        86.9   91

Lambert                   98.7   98.6

Forsyth Central     91.6   91.5

“FCS students, staff, parents, community and business members, should all be very proud of our ACT and SAT rates,” said FCS Superintendent Jeff Bearden. “Improving the academic, social and emotional opportunities for our children is a community focus [and] we know that when students begin school with appropriate literacy and numeracy skills they are far more likely to experience earlier success.

“FCS is excited to partner with the Forsyth County Public Library and Georgia Highlands Medical Services to reach beyond K-12, to focus on birth to age 5 to ensure all students begin school prepared to learn. This early community investment will pay dividends for many years to come.”

According to the Georgia Department of Education, the 2017 SAT results set a new baseline for future year-to-year comparisons and cannot be compared to previous results, due to previous results being based on the old SAT.

The previous version of the SAT was based on a different score scale and different bench marks, and the 2017 results reflect test-takers from the 2017 graduating class who took the new SAT. They do not factor in performance on the old test.

In 2017, 1,649 Forsyth students took the SAT, with an average score of 1146 out of 1600.

For the ACT, 2,041 FCS students were tested, their composite score averaging 24.5. 

Statewide, 57,431 students took the test, averaging 21.4.

The maximum possible ACT score one can receive is 36.

Lambert, South Forsyth and West Forsyth high schools also made the list for top 25 highest scores out of all high schools in Georgia.

Those three schools also had the highest graduation rates in the county: 98.6, 97 and 92.6, respectively.

“Congratulations and thank you to all our staff for their hard work and leadership, which allowed us to reach this new milestone for our district,” Bearden said. “Our goal will always be a 100 percent graduation rate, [but] as we have grown as a school district, our student achievement has continued to increase.

“Each year we are improving our community partnerships and getting closer to achieving our goal that every child in Forsyth County graduates from high school.”