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Forsyth student spells immunosuppressant to win Lakeside Middle School spelling bee
Lakeside Middle School
Monish Jampala, right, won the Lakeside Middle School spelling bee on Dec. 13. Parth Bhasker was the runner-up.

Monish Jampala won the Lakeside Middle School spelling bee on Dec. 13, correctly spelling the word immunosuppressant to edge runner-up Parth Bhasker.

Jampala advanced to compete in the Forsyth County District Spelling Bee on Jan. 26.

Jampala and Bhasker survived a field of 54 class champion spellers from all grade levels. Through five rounds, 16 spellers remained. Just three remained by the 10th round after having to spell words like carapace, epicycloid and lachrymose. 

Jampala and Bhasker faced off in the 11th round with six words: desiccant, leitmotif, inutile, obloquy, littoral and immunosuppressant.

Jampala correctly spelled the final word to capture his fifth spelling bee championship in the past six years.