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Fun adds up at math tournament
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Forsyth County News

Twenty schools plus 30 questions, plus four teammates equaled the fifth annual War Eagle Middle School Mathematics Tournament.

The event, held Saturday at South Forsyth High, was both a fundraiser for the school’s math team and a chance to give middle-schoolers a glance into real-world math problems they’ll soon face.

“We wanted more kids from middle school who had seen these kinds of problems where they had to actually do problem solving outside the normal typical classroom classrooms,” said Carol Sikes, South Forsyth High School’s math coach.

This year’s competition welcomed about 250 students from 20 different schools, including Lakeside, Piney Grove, Riverwatch and South Forsyth Middle.

The competition was divided into three parts — a 30-question multiple-choice test, a problem-solving round where teams worked together and a relay, where each individual student had to correctly answer a question.

“Things like the SAT and ACT, once they’ve been doing math team, they’re just easy because they are so used to those kinds of problems,” said Sikes, adding that the event usually raises about $1,200 toward the high school’s math team.

“It’s the main way we support our math team and their ability to travel to competitions … Our math team … [goes] to probably about a half dozen different tournaments throughout the year.”