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Governor picks Crow for BOE panel
Looking into conduct of Cherokee official
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Forsyth County News

Ann Crow takes her job on the Forsyth County Board of Education seriously.

“I feel very strongly about board members being focused and doing the job that they were elected to do,” she said.

That dedication to her elected office hasn’t gone unnoticed. Gov. Nathan Deal recently appointed Crow and Cobb County Board of Education member Tim Stultz to a panel determining the fate of Kelly Marlow.

Marlow, a school board member in neighboring Cherokee County, was indicted by the grand jury there on charges of making false statements after she accused the system superintendent, Frank Petruzielo, of attempting to run her down in his vehicle.

Marlow, who also asked an accrediting commission to investigate the superintendent, took office in January.

Crow said she’s been following news on Marlow since the beginning, but plans to use the state’s code of ethics as the “basis for the decisions that will be made.”

The panel, which also includes Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens, will weigh whether to suspend Marlow by determining if the indictment adversely affects her ability to perform her board duties. A written report is due in no less than two weeks.

“We all make mistakes, but there’s just too much at stake for school board members to not work together,” Crow said. “I will look at all the facts and make an honest decision on this. The law is the law, and that’s what has to be the guideline.”

Crow, who previously served on the governor’s advisory committee, said it was “an honor to be asked to do something anytime by the governor.”