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Graduation test results continue to climb
District tops state average in all areas
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Forsyth County News

Results by high school

* English: 95
* Math: 92
* Science: 94
* Social Studies: 86

* English: 99
* Math: 99
* Science: 99
* Social Studies: 97

* English: 96
* Math: 90
* Science: 97
* Social Studies:85

* English: 97
* Math: 96
* Science: 96
* Social Studies: 87

* English: 98
* Math: 97
* Science: 99
* Social Studies: 93

* English: 94
* Math: 94
* Science: 94
* Social Studies: 65

Forsyth Academy
* English: 100
* Math: 73
* Science: 94
* Social Studies: 50

* English: 91
* Math: 84
* Science: 93
* Social Studies: 80

Source: Forsyth County Schools

The Forsyth County school system is accustomed to scoring above the state average on high school graduation tests. The challenge has always been to continue to improve within the system.

And the district's 11th-graders did not disappoint, besting their scores from last year in all nearly areas of the test required for graduation.

The results, which the state released last week, show gains in English and science to 97 percent and 98 percent, respectively.

The state average in English is 91 percent. For science, it’s 93 percent and in social studies, 80 percent.

Forsyth's average for social studies held steady at 89 percent in 2011, the same as in 2010.

“We are thrilled with the increase in the numbers of students exceeding standards,” said Lissa Pijanowski, associate superintendent.

She said she was particularly proud that “95 percent of our Forsyth County school students passed the new math assessment while there were 84 percent passing in Georgia.”

According to the results, Lambert High outperformed other schools in the county in every area, with 99 percent passing every subject except social studies, which 97 percent passed.

Scoring on the graduation tests may seem like a moot point, as they will be transitioned out for incoming freshmen and replaced with End of Course Tests.

Despite the upcoming change, Pijanowski said, the graduation test is "the assessment our juniors were held accountable for to earn a diploma.”