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Havin’ a field day
Students still enjoy year-end activity
field day 2
Students compete in tug of war during the recent Coal Mountain Elementary School field day. - photo by Jim Dean
The halls of Coal Mountain Elementary School were quiet. The interactive white boards, computers and other electronic teaching tools sat idle.But outside, students, parents and teachers were having a field day.“This is fun because you can be with your friends and you can run around and be outside instead of doing school work,” said fifth-grader Kate Ware.While many things may have changed in education over the years, the time-honored tradition of field day remains a popular end-of-school-year activity for Forsyth County’s elementary schools.On this particular day, the Coal Mountain campus was filled with children bouncing, spilling cups of water and competing in relay races. But the field day was about more than just fun and games.“We’re also being educated at each station because we get one good fact and then at the end, we have this big test and they quiz us on what we learned,” said third-grader Alex Gonzalez.