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Input sought on school calendar
Plan similar to this year's
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To offer input on Forsyth County Schools’ proposed 2013-14 calendar, go online at and click on “feedback wanted” in the news feed.

The Forsyth County Board of Education is seeking input on the school system’s proposed calendar for the 2013-14 school year.

Through Oct. 26, parents, staff, students and community members can offer comments on the calendar, which shows school beginning Aug. 8 and ending May 23, online at

Associate Superintendent Joey Pirkle noted the calendar is similar to previous years. It starts on a Thursday and includes a full week off for Thanksgiving.

There are some minor changes proposed, including moving the inclement weather days in March and April to earlier in the months.

Some board members hope for guidance on a tweak that proposes moving one vacation day from the beginning to the end of winter break.

This would put students back to school on Jan. 7, a Tuesday, instead of the standard Monday.

“After having such a long holiday break and then the rest of the world getting back … that one more day that Forsyth County is out on Monday, to me, just doesn’t seem logical,” said board member Kristin Morrissey.

“It seems like everybody is ready to get back to work by Jan. 6. For us to not start until the seventh, one more day, just doesn’t seem to fit with the real world.”

To board member Darla Light, that one extra day “gives the teachers a day to come back and get prepared … from being out so long.”

Pirkle noted the proposed calendar was drafted using input from local school councils.

“The majority … 20 of our local school councils that said they liked the draft as it was,” Pirkle told the school board during a recent meeting.

The board will consider input received before the final calendar is approved, likely at a meeting Nov. 15.