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Joke from North seventh-grader in national book
Sales go to health care foundation
Van Voorn



Timothy Van Voorn’s joke:


What did the female mushroom say to the male mushroom?

You’re a fun guy!


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For more information about United Healthcare Children’s Foundation and the “Little Book – Big Laughs Joke Book,” go to

NORTH FORSYTH — According to his mother, Timothy Van Voorn keeps the family in stitches.

“He cracks us up all the time. He’s very witty with kind of a dry sense of humor,” Colleen Scully said of her son, the youngest of a family that also includes older sisters Katelyn, 16, and Mollie, 21.

His sense of humor earned Van Voorn, a seventh-grader at North Forsyth Middle School, the honor of having a submission included in a national joke book for kids earlier this month.

The United Healthcare Children’s Foundation collected more than 600 popular and original jokes, funny one-liners, knock-knock jokes and silly tongue-twisters for “Little Book  — Big Laughs Joke Book.”

The project, which is available for purchase through for $5.99, will raise funds to help children in need of medical care through the foundation’s grant program.

According to the foundation’s website, grants are awarded to families of sick children to help cover costs above and beyond what their insurance covers.

While jokes were collected from children around the country and from all walks of life, Scully happens to work at United Healthcare so she shared the contest with her son.

She said he was “excited and kind of shocked” when he found out his submission had been included.

“This could be the start of a career for him as a stand-up comedian or a joke writer,” Scully joked.

But more importantly, Scully was happy that her son wanted to help support such a deserving project.

“What made me so passionate about it is how it ties into the foundation,” said Scully, who works as a care manager for people with advanced illnesses.

“Laughter can be so positive for people, especially people going through some of these medical conditions.

“It’s a great distraction for people and physically it helps you too.”