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Lambert launches
New school opens with a flourish
Sharon Lynch and son Drew look at Longhorn sports apparel. Lynch’s son Matt will be a freshman and plans to play on the football team. - photo by Jennifer Sami

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The grand opening of Lambert High School appeared to be more of a homecoming than a celebration for a new school.

The cheerleaders, band members and drama students who performed throughout the three-hour event Saturday have been working together all summer, and in many cases, from their previous schools.

Through the transition there was no shortage of parent, student and community involvement, said Principal Gary Davison, who called the school a “creation of opportunity for our community.”

Among the parents who have played an active role in volunteering is Bill Bridges, who spoke during the ribbon cutting ceremony at the school off Nichols Road in south Forsyth.

With no senior class in its first year, Bridges said the underclassmen at Lambert have the opportunity to “step up.”

“In the coming weeks and months, both students and parents will have numerous opportunities to make their mark here at Lambert,” he said. “We have traditions that need to be started, clubs that need to be founded, sporting teams with no legacy.

“Students, find that niche, that club, that need, that group, that cause to which you can make a difference. Parents, yes Lambert needs funding. But don’t lead with your checkbook, lead with your time and your talents, lead with your experience and your passions.”

Many students have already found a place at Lambert. For those who haven’t, the school’s cafeteria was transformed into a clubhouse, where visitors could learn more about the school’s various extracurricular activities.

There were also performances throughout the event.

The equestrian team, robotics club, band, drama club, yearbook committee and dance company were among organizations represented Saturday.

Kelly Sundy said students are forming friendships through the groups that have formed and had summer events. Her daughter, Emily, is a rising junior who transferred from Forsyth Central High School.

“I think they’re all nervous about it, and when they walk in and see a familiar face, that kind of relieves their anxiety,” Sundy said. “They get to see their friends so when they come into the building, they’re not strangers.”

During the ceremony, James Smith, a relative of the school’s namesake Clarence Lambert, spoke on behalf of the family. Several other members of the family, including Lambert’s wife Ruth, also attended.

Lambert was a former county educator. Smith said Lambert served as principal of what was then Forsyth County High School, now Central, and was superintendent of the system in the late 1960s. He also served on the state Board of Education.

“Education meant something to him,” Smith said. “He placed a high priority on education. And just as we’re here today to honor him, we’re here to also let you know that we appreciate this honor.”

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