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Large college fair set for Sept. 10
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Forsyth County News

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The event will run from 9 a.m. to noon Sept. 10 at the Forsyth Conference Center. For more information or to register, visit

High school students may not have to tour as many campuses, since more than 85 colleges and universities will be coming to Forsyth County on Sept. 10.

The annual PROBE College Fair will be held at the Forsyth Conference Center, welcoming high school students to learn about these institutions from across the state and country.

“We’re really excited they’re coming,” said Valery Hall, governance and career development coordinator for the school system.

“It’s going to benefit the community as a whole and it gets kids thinking in their high school years about what their next steps are going to be and what the graduation requirements are for where they want to go, so it really helps them plan ahead.”

Students should register in advance, giving them a unique bar code, which can be scanned by the college to automatically have more information sent to them about the school.

“The bar codes and scanners are ideal because they free students and college representatives up to have more productive conversations,” said Bill Smith, PROBE executive director.

“Instead of spending their time hand-writing on hundreds of interest cards, students can take a few seconds to be scanned by the college and then use the rest of their time talking to the representative about that school. Additionally, this is how college admissions offices prefer to capture student information.”

Because the event will run during school hours, Hall said the system will figure out a way to provide some transportation. Parents are also welcome to the event, either on behalf of their students, or as support.

“Our goal is to provide students access to as many colleges and universities as we can for each community in Georgia,” Smith said.

“Students and parents will have the opportunity to meet the college representatives and get their questions answered about each campus, admissions policies, scholarships and financial aid.”

Hall said with graduation requirements being ever-changing, getting to talk to individual colleges will help them prepare for what they’ll need when they apply for college, not just academically, but with extracurricular involvements as well.

“It’s really a unique opportunity for our kids to participate in an environment where that many institutions are represented in one facility,” Hall said.