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Lawmaker leads subcommittee
Dudgeon WEB

After attending his first meeting as chairman, District 25 state Rep. Mike Dudgeon said leading a panel in the House of Representatives isn’t much different than being a member.

“It just makes me have a hand in getting the details right,” said Dudgeon, a Republican from south Forsyth who was recently selected to chair the House Education Subcommittee on Academic Support.

“I have more influence in getting the actual legal language cleaned up. I’m excited about it and it allows me to provide more services.”

The subcommittee, which met Tuesday, is one of three under the House Education Committee, on which Dudgeon also serves.

This particular subcommittee, Dudgeon said, focuses less on school reform bills and more on “the nuts and bolts about how we operate the school system.”

During its meeting, the subcommittee cleared House Bills 115 and 116, which seek to revise provisions on suspending and removing local school boards under unusual circumstances and allow the state Board of Education to transfer donations, gifts and property to the Georgia Foundation for Public Education to manage.

The committee won’t deal with budget issues, but it likely will see a bill about the model or formulas for determining how Georgia’s schools are funded.

Dudgeon, who spent four years on the Forsyth County Board of Education before getting elected to the legislature, said his skills are ideal for the subcommittee.

“I’ve spent a lot of time working on the details,” Dudgeon said. “There are a lot of people who like to look at the big picture, but somebody has to work out all the gory details and a lot of stuff around education policy. I’ve been the person helping out with all the details.”