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Liberty Middle student's bake sale raises $600 for military families
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WEST FORSYTH -- A Forsyth County middle school student with ties to the military knows what it means to serve.

That’s what drove Jordana Samnick to serve others – cupcakes, brownies and cookies – during a fundraiser Monday afternoon.

Samnick, 11, spent her Labor Day weekend baking snacks and sweets to sell outside of Rosati’s Pizza and Sports Pub during lunch and dinner hours Sept. 5.

The money she raised will go to Snowball Express, a nonprofit based out of Texas that supports children of fallen military heroes.

Although Samnick’s father, who was in the military, is still very much alive, she said felt it was important to support children who haven’t been fortunate enough to have their parent come home.

After just two fundraisers – the first not as successful – the Liberty Middle School sixth-grader has raised nearly $600.

Samnick’s fundraiser, and her journey leading up to the bake sale, was largely aided by a local nonprofit, Kids Boost.

The company, based in Cumming and founded by a Forsyth County resident, gives children an opportunity to spearhead their own fundraisers for a charity of their choice.

The one condition: The charity must be a nonprofit registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) organization.

Samnick’s mother, Brenda Samnick, first contacted owner and founder of Kids Boost, Kristen Stocks, about three months ago after Samnick showed interest in the organization.

“I drive my daughter to school in the morning and we listen to the Bert Show every morning,” Brenda said. “They were talking about Kids Boost and Jordana heard about it and she was like, “I wanna do this. This is what I want to do.’”

At the initial meeting, Samnick told Stocks she already knew how she wanted to raise money: by holding a bake sale.

“She wanted to hold two bake sales,” Stocks said. “The first one wasn’t that successful. [Jordana] did it at her swimming pool and didn’t have the best response. I think it was just because it was at a swimming pool and not many people bring money, so her self-esteem was a little bit down.”

But Samnick didn’t let this setback slow her campaign.

“I’m so proud of her,” Stocks said. “She turned around and was brave enough and courageous enough to say ‘let’s do this.’ She baked and baked and baked all weekend and made signs and with the help of Rosati’s – they’re so good with the community – they let her put up a little booth and for a donation of [a customer’s] choice, they could have a treat.”

By the end of the day, Samnick had surpassed her $500 goal, bringing in $587 for Snowball Express.

Although she and Stocks cannot present the check in person, given the organization is four states away, they will celebrate with a cupcake or ice cream.

“In the upcoming weeks, we are going to celebrate [Jordana’s success] before we mail the check, and she’s going to write a letter to Snowball Express explaining what she did and why, and we’ll send pictures with the check,” Stocks said.

Samnick said she is pleased with her success.

“I feel really good about it,” she said. “I don’t think I did bad … and we have some extra cookies and cupcakes and my mom wants to go give those to people who don’t, like, get things all the time. There’s a military base right next to my sister’s college; she wants to give some of these soldiers sugar cookies.”

And despite reaching her fundraising goal, Samnick will continue to serve – sweetness and goodheartedness – to those in need.

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