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Morrow family charity donates $75,000 to school technology fund
The Morrow Community Foundation
Jim and Peggie Morrow of The Morrow Community Foundation gifted Forsyth County Schools more than $75,000 for the Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) program Tuesday. - photo by Alexander Popp

In a surprise oversized check reveal held Tuesday night, the Morrow family of The Morrow Community Foundation gifted Forsyth County Schools more than $75,000 for the Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) program.

At the regularly scheduled January meeting of the Forsyth County Schools Board of Education, board members accepted the annual BYOT donation from Peggie and Jim Morrow, which will fund new technology and computers for students that live in poverty.

“It’s been an incredible year for the Forsyth BYOT benefit that the Morrow community fund runs,” Jim Morrow said at the meeting Tuesday.

Morrow said that the program, now in its sixth year, has raised more than $300,000 in total donations over its lifetime. 

“It is such an honor, we don’t see everyone who gets a device or internet, but we’ve seen enough to just bring tears to our eyes,” he said. “It’s just been phenomenal to hear how the kids are better because they are able to do homework and are able to do research and everything else; it’s the best thing.”

According to Forsyth County Schools Superintendent Jeff Bearden, while most recognize how affluent and giving the local community is, few realize just how many of their students live in poverty each day.

Bearden told the crowd that of the 50,000 students in the system, 15 percent live in poverty. 

“Percentage-wise that may not sound like a large number, but if you do the math, 15 percent of 50,000 kids is over 7,000 children who live in poverty,” he said. “Because of the Morrow family, we’re able to provide devices and conectivity to all of our kids in Forsyth County.” 

Morrow also thanked the community and sponsors, saying that they have seen an incredible amount of support from the local community and the school system, with over 800 runners attending their yearly iRun race in 2018.

“Our sponsors have been just phenomenal, they have been the lifeblood of this thing,” he said. “You make some money from a golfer and some money on a runner, but the sponsors are really where we are able to bring in money to help these kids in a meaningful way.”