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No computers for empty classrooms
Decision saves system money
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Forsyth County News
Next year, if a classroom isn’t being used in any of Forsyth County’s five new schools, chances are it won’t have computers.

In an effort to save money, the school board voted to buy only the number of desktop computers needed for the 2010-11 school year, instead of putting computers in every classroom at each new school.

The decision, which will save nearly $216,000, means the district will buy 1,770 desktop computers instead of 2,160.

The schools — three elementary, one middle and one high school — are scheduled to open in August.

Looking for ways to save some money, board member Mike Dudgeon made the recommendation during the previous board meeting.

“I’m not looking to count every last dime, I’m just looking for some common sense savings,” Dudgeon said Thursday.

But his suggestion caused some confusion among parents.

“I got more e-mails and phone calls this week than I got during redistricting,” he said. “There was a rumor that went out ... that we were looking at reducing the number of computers in the classroom from four to three.

“We were just looking at whether we could save because of the slower growth, not cut back on what any of our kids have.”

All of the county’s schools will feature four desktop computers per classroom. The purchase is based on projections for 2010-11 student population.

Bailey Mitchell, the district’s chief technology officer, said new computers could be added with ease, should additional classrooms be needed.

The board also approved the purchase of 985 notebook computers. The $787,000 for notebooks and $980,669 for desktop computers will come from a combination of sales tax and bond money.

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