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No more Mountain View
District to rename school
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Forsyth County News
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Say goodbye to Mountain View Elementary.

Unhappy with the school’s name, the Forsyth County school board voted Thursday to rename the facility, which is set to open in 2011.

In the meantime, the school will revert to being known as Elementary School No. 12.

The community can offer feedback and suggestions for a new name beginning Monday. The school must be named within six weeks.

An online feedback form will be available through March 16, before the final list is presented to local school councils. The school board will vote on the final name March 19.

The board agreed on Mountain View last fall after the suggestion garnered 455 votes, or about 51 percent, in a county survey. Kelly Mill received 39 percent, or 348 votes.

The school site is on Kelly Mill Road.

Board Chairwoman Ann Crow said she had been concerned about the voting process since the school was named.

“I think we were all hesitant about it, because it really doesn’t represent any historical value for that area,” she said.

Currently a new school is assigned a naming committee, made up of one parent from each feeder school, the board member from that district and an at-large member, among others.

The committee agrees on three to four names, which are then presented to the community.

The board also approved changes to the school naming process Thursday.

Under the new policy, names will be recommended by the community. And instead of creating a special committee, local school councils will choose one of the top three or four names.

The school board will still have the final say, but the new procedure will “allow more stakeholders to be involved in creating the short list of names, instead of a small group of people,” said Jennifer Caracciolo, school system spokeswoman.

The board will also work with the Forsyth County Historical Society to find names with local significance.